Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: 881bml

Date of Abuse:  Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Accused of: Stealing Borrowed items

Damage Value: 50m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: bugsy ii

Clan: N/A

Victim(s):  bugsy ii

The story as told by bugsy ii:  i lent ”881bml” 10m and 3800 ensouled dragon heads to get his 99 untrimmed prayer cape. after he got it, i lent him a bgs so we could go to bandos together to recover the gp owes to me. after a few weeks went by with no sign of gp and him not being online, i asked him about it and he said he gave the items to a friend who was a staker. apparently his “friend” has had the money and he has just been waiting to get it. has been weeks and i havent seen any gp or proof the friend even exists. whenever asked about the gp, he always says he’ll have it by the end of the week but never does.

Submitted Evidence:

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