Not Splitting
I (Loom Band) hosted a raid on Discord server WeDoRaids in world 510 with an in real life friend (King Joeee) and was joined by a +1 (Swelly). The first raid was smooth and Swelly received a dexterous prayer scroll which he then teleported to the GE and teleported back to raids to split with us, we both received 5.2m.
Since he seemed like a good guy we asked if he would like to do the b2b, he agreed on it and asked me to rank him in my CC so he could scout on world 511. He scouted a good raid and we went into the second raid which again went smoothly and Swelly received a Twisted Bow drop. He then proceeded to post his drop the drops chat on the WeDoRaids server.
Me and King Joeee then WhatsApp messaged each other saying to make sure to record just in case he doesn’t split so we can report him to WeDoRaids server. We also took screenshots and reactions and proof of him splitting the dexterous beforehand.
After we exited the raid he teleported to the GE and teleported back to raids and told us how he had been so dry at Raids. He then proceeded to not respond until he finally said he was logging of to do some work. He then blocked on discord and wouldn’t respond and was banned from the WeDoRaids server.
- Told by Loom Band
Loom Band, King joeee
Evidence 67cba9e for a case against ANCIlIIIlENT
Original Rsn:
Twisted Bow

Evidence Quality:
We Do Raids
Date of Abuse:
1 year ago

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