Stealing Borrowed Items
The story as told by Damn its sam: I, Damn its sam was the 2nd victim. He pm'ed me while I was afk fishing and asked for a BGS collat which seems like nothing. He offered a collateral but it was under value. I'm quite well off to say the least so I didn't mind and accepted. He said he needed it for 2hrs or whatever I never use it so told him get it back to me whenever no big issue. The 1st victim based on the time stamped screenshots was Milflover8 who collated him a BGS a bit under value and has thus not seen it returned. The 3rd victim was LGZ bigbill who collated an Torture and BGS and was undercut on the collateral just like the other 2 of us. The last member, Papa Tim just straight up gave the accused in question a pair of primordial boots to borrow and use, and they have not been returned. He has since in the past 24hrs left the clan discord server, and has not been seen in the CC. He doesn't have a clan chat of his own created so we can't all individually check if he has went ahead and put us on ignore, but it's safe to assume. I have also went ahead and banned his account from our clan as he is no longer welcome in our community.
Damn its sam, LGZ Bigbill, Milflover8
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Damn its sam
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4 years ago

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