Clout Lord X

Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Clout Lord X

Date of Abuse: 8th December 2016

Accused of: Not repaying owed 20m GP

Damage Value: 20m GP

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Nibss

Clan: Knights of PvM

Victim(s): Nibss

The story as told by Nibss:

Clout Lord X (Josh) borrowed 25m GP from my friend in December 2016 after Clout was hacked and lost his bank. At the time Clout Lord X was a silver star in Knights of PvM with around 2b split in loot so was considered trustworthy. Now my friend that lent him the 25m liked to stake and had after lending Clout the 25m got himself cleaned. As Clout was still rebuilding I offered to pay my friend the 25m Clout owed him and then agreed to have Clout Lord X repay me 20m GP in return when he could afford it. Clout (Josh) at the time was a good friend and I wanted to help him out by giving him less to repay after his account was hacked along with more time to rebuild and repay me due to my friend needing his 25m. I confirmed with both my friend and Clout that this was okay and both were happy for the debt to be transferred.

Not long after Clout Lord X stopped replying to my messages, he completely dissappeared from the game and after a few weeks deleted everyone (i am later told he sold his runescape account for real life money and didn’t bother to return my 20m). I finally managed to speak to Clout again who confirmed the 20m that he owed me via Private messages between myself and him on the Knightsofpvm clan account.

I have put a timeline below of what has happened, the evidence spans over a long period of time. I would have posted this sooner however it took a long time to get Clout to admit to the money owed and the evidence was not strong enough for a case until the conversation in November took place. I have given Clout a lot longer to repay this debt than is fair and now I am resorting to this listing.


5th December 2016 – My friend lends Clout Lord X 25m GP after Clout Lord X was hacked.

8th December 2016 – My friend, Clout Lord X and myself agree to transfer Clout Lord X’s 25m debt from my friend to me.

12th December 2016 – I pay my friend the 25m GP Clout Lord X owed him. Agreed with Clout that he would owe me 20m GP.

End of December 2016 – Clout Lord X disappears, not seen online and does not reply to any staff chat messages.

7th Feb 2017 – Clout Lord X seen to be logged on Runescape by my friend. He logs off/is deleted when my friend logs onto the game.

March 19th 2017 – Approach friend of mine and Clout Lord X called PvM Godemis (Kyle) who claims Clout quit. He claims Clout doesn’t care whether he is on RsJustice or not.

May 19th 2017 – Clout Lord X is online, I tried messaging him and was ignored.

October 17th 2017 – PvM Blazed (Kyle, this is PvM Godemis’s alt account) messages me and taunts me over the 20m Clout Lord x did not pay back.

November 22nd 2017 – Clout Lord x logs in again and joins the knights of pvm clan chat. I asked the clan chat to try pming him as thought at the time that i may be on his ignore list. I then checked his cc and saw that i was re-added.

November 22nd 2017 – Clout Lord X finally replies to me and acknowledges the 20m that he owes me. He claims that he will rebuild at Demonic Gorillas and repay me.

Today – I am still waiting for my money. I have had others see him online a couple of times since with no attempt to repay and no contact. I haven’t seen him online personally myself, I know hes not very active.

Submitted Evidence:

5th December 2016:

8th December 2016:

12th December 2016:

7th Feb 2017:

March 19th 2017:

May 19th 2017:

October 17th 2017:

November 22nd 2017:




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