The Cutty

Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Le6

Date of Abuse: Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Accused of: Not Splitting Twisted Bow

Damage Value:  1189m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: A medhelm

Clan: WDR

Victim(s):  Danky ranarr, Animism, A medhelm

The story as told by A medhelm: My dude got a Tbow said meet at ge and then just dipped. Hosted in WDR in which it’s all splits

Submitted Evidence:


    1. Le6…. You’re still harassing our clan? Including Kiwwion (DeadTrees clan owner) who you together with Danky Irit (Aka Danky ranarr) scammed his Bgs and photoshopped a bunch of images? You would have ended up on RuneWatch back then and there if we had enough screenshots. Hope you still have your ankle collar lmao. o7

    2. Using anothers rsn name doesnt make you look any better, le6. We all knew you were a scammer from the beginning who would do everything to make himself richer. Hoping life finds a way to fuck things up for you (probably already has been because of that aggravated assaults you have done, good job).

  1. ^ that isn’t deadtrees comment above.. Scammed deadtrees bgs aswell months ago and got kicked from the clan. Just not enough evidence to post. good for Danky irit to get scammed karma sucks when you’ve done it before

  2. Changed names from Ruff_Runs to RanRuff. Joined my cc, Air OSRS, and has been constantly asking to raid. Just banned. Keep an eye out.

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