Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: DrumRollPls

Date of Abuse: Saturday, 15 September 2018

Accused of: Stealing borrowed 500m GP

Damage Value: 500m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Ramisaur – Clan Captain

Clan: Stud Unit

Victim(s): Ramisaur

The story as told by Ramisaur: We were in a PVM Competition for Stud Unit and our team was 7 members vs 5-6 other teams of 7 each. I lent a few teammates some money for more efficient bossing done for a better chance to win. Everybody returned the money but DrumRollPls. I lent him 430m for a Twisted Bow for Raids 1 and 70m for a Viggoras Chainmace, thus equalling to 500m loan. After the comp was over, I messaged him on discord and gave him multiple days to respond to me, still letting him know that he owed me money, but he kept ignoring it, has his private on off, discord on offline yet is still getting XP gains through CrystalMathLabs (CML). I have been trying to be nice to him and warned him I would let go to Runewatch but it seems like that is the route he wants to take. Now that this happened, I have heard rumors of him scamming 200m of somebody else from another clan but it was not on RuneWatch or no case was done when we checked his Gearcheck. Putting an end to this man could save more people, although I suffered the most with GP loss.

Submitted Evidence:



  1. Can confirm that DrumRollPls left the clan straight away after the competition.

    Sadly to see that people scam other people, especially when your in a known pvm clan and you need to build on the people in it.

  2. Was on the same team on Drumrollpls.

    Very disappointed to see someone pick pixels over the WHOLE Runescape community. Enjoy playing the game alone.

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