Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Ei ole Elton

Date of Abuse: Sunday, 24 March 2019

Accused of: Not Splitting Twisted Bow

Damage Value: 1194m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: 1DefTekton

Clan: WDR

Victim(s): 1DefTekton, Skizziks, CoolSurgeon

The story as told by 1DefTekton:  We got a tbow as a drop in WDR (all are split unless otherwise noted) in his name, and he stole it.

Submitted Evidence:


  1. Fine, I will give in to your report. I will change my name to ty4tbow wdr for my actions and prepare to take legal action against you for not having sound on your clip and you missing my reaction when I realised I made pretty good coin stack for no actual reason in 9 days I have been playing OSRS since I got the account.

  2. It’s kinda sad how racist this guy who reported me is, not going to lie. Only thing I got from him was N word constantly. I was actually planning to refund and that’s why I turned my private on, but after first thing I got was “neck urself retard” I decided not to. I don’t support people who tell other people to kill themselves and promise they’ll dox you and/or are racist and then the over the top racism and the guys obsession about black people fucking my family is kinda, yeah, odd. But hey, everyone has their geeks and porn obsessions, after all the world has foot fettish. The guy seems depressed and obsessed with the topic of people fucking my family, but oh well. I was actually planning to refund them, honestly, but after their ordeal, I’m done.

    The report will probably stay up regardless of the pictures and it should, not denying the claims made against me. So should the pictures of this tho, showing the true colors of WDR, as I was told, it’s being occupide by chin beard rednecks and toxic community, as I said before, the actual reason why I turned my private on was to wait for them to contact me, but as they flooded in with massive toxicity, I’m keeping the twisted bow and really don’t care about this topic anymore, I got my laugh out of it and I’m done with it. Also, there was not a single mention regarding splitting once I joined it. I’ll remain one happy owner of the notorious twisted bow and can finish the infernal capes on my four main accounts. (Oh yeah, I have four accounts that I play, so it isn’t that big of a deal, this report I mean, just something I forgot to mention)

    Anyways, peace as this will be my last response to this. And next time you see the guy put private on, be polite, you might actually get the split.
    – Ty4TBow WDR.

  3. You shouldn’t judge the WDR community based off of a few people’s actions that you scammed you owed them and what about the other besides tekton did they shout obscenities at you? If you really mean that you planned to refund it and take action towards it maybe this could be taken down. Try reaching out to them.

    1. Saying a bunch of racist shit that isn’t even related to ty4tbow is going a bit overboard. While I do understand why someone would tell tbow to kys, that’s still pretty fucked

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