Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: GodLife

Date of Abuse: Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Accused of: Stealing borrowed 50m GP

Damage Value: 50m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Squareburger

Clan: Primal PvM

Victim(s): tyhrrainoids (Squareburger)

The story as told by Squareburger:  I gave GodLife a 50m loan so he could rebuild. He has split multiple raids drops worth more than 50m in the past. He was a good friend back in the day, so I gave him 50m to rebuild. He stopped replying to me on discord, and he got banned from our PvM clan for being toxic and flaming others. He won’t delete me when confronted about it he just flames me.

Submitted Evidence:


  1. The fact that this person is so full of themselves after pulling off a grand heist of an amnt of gp that he could have gotten in 3 days at zulrah without making himself look like a retard…. that’s the best part. this shit is hilarious. This is like acting like you’re the cool kid because you stole a cheeseburger from the lunch line. I hope somehow, someway people start to realize that if 50m is a big deal to you, dont lend it and if you’re gonna be desperate enough to steal 50m from someone you could atleast do it without thinking you made bank. sorry but in my eyes both sides are plebs.

  2. what’s it matter 50m is probs not a big deal to him but he has enough proof to put him on runewatch to name and shame him its not always about the net worth that was stolen its to warn other people of his actions if he scammed 50m from 10 people in 10 different clans because he was no named and shamed he would be walking around with 500m stolen wealth like nothing happened so you have just made a fool of you self by saying his a pleb for lending a long term friend that’s split multipul raids drops worth more than 50m. Just remember this site is to name and shame and to get stole wealth returned to there rightful owners

    1. I agree with the first guy, theyre both plebs. Lending is no more secure than staking and if he wasn’t willing to lose what he lent then he’s an idiot for lending it

  3. He’s actually scammed well over 50m… so this is good that it’s posted. He’s scammed well over 1b from various clans and friends. He sold his account, after stealing ~250m, getting a tbow, staking it… and selling off. He recovered his account months ago after selling, with almost 1b of wealth on the account.

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