Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: HHH

Date of Abuse: Friday, 28 April 2017

Accused of: Stealing Lent Items: Full Ancestral, Arcane Spirit Shield, & Imbued Heart.

Damage Value: 500m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Rewnz

Clan: Revenite PvM

Victim(s): Name at the time: Chemikal New Name: Uranus

The story: HHH had took a loan of items that totalled to around 500m in value from Chemikal, Chemikal said they were both good friends so he saw no reason not too as HHH wanted them to do some raids with. Later in the day HHH deleted Chemikal and effectively ran away with the items. This is when idesiired talked to HHH about the incident and he claimed people were trying to get him banned over something that recently happened in the clan, i told him he wouldn’t be banned as he has nothing to do with it so he would be fine this is why the claim of him saying people were trying to get him banned is false as the incident within the clan happened only 4 days before this event and HHH said weeks. HHH also talks about me banning and de-ranking him which i still haven’t done as i had hoped to talk to him about the incident. NOTE: There is no picture evidence of him taking the Ancestral top and bottom.

Submitted Evidence:

HHH has added My Demons, the victim, to his ignore list.

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