Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: id4ap

Date of Abuse: Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Accused of: Stealing borrowed items

Damage Value: 25m

Evidence Quality Suggestion: ★★★☆☆

Submitted by: Picolo

Clan: none

Victim(s): Picolo

The story as told by Name:

Id4ap had been asking for a loan for a few days, trusted him enough to lend him 25m thinking that he’d be able to pay me back in a week at the most, since we been doing raids together. He then staked the gp and disappeared for 3 months.
I have been trying to contact him for over 3 months and he hasnt responded to anything.

He did log in today, 10th of sept 2018 at around 11:50am~ GMT +8 but didnt respond to any of my messages (i have a gif of me attempting to message him with a timestamp of the date)

Submitted Evidence:



  1. I traded Picolo most of his money back (20m) and he continued to harass me through pm’s even after I told him that I would pay it back, he has refused to disclose this in his evidence and made a case over 5mil?

    I have him blocked atm due to the constant spam in my messages, I really thought that a difference if 5mil wouldnt send him this crazy, I am willing to repay the 5mil but shame on you Picolo for making issue over such a small amount.

    1. The value on the case owed is 25m. You will need to either prove that you returned the money or repay the 25m owed. You ignore listed this player whilst owing them money. Until you repay the full amount this will not be removed.

      If you decide to repay the full amount then you can do so via the return wealth form on our website.

      1. Unfortunately this was said ingame and I did not take screenshots but I can assure you that 20mil was repaid to him directly.

        When I didn’t have the other 5mil he kept spamming my messages with oi oi oi and I blocked him.

        I am happy to repay the remaining 5mil but I will not be extorted through a case with terrible evidence and lies riddled throughout and repay the amount claimed when Picolo is fully aware that he recieved most of the money prior to this page being made.

      2. Unless you can prove you returned this GP to Picolo it will remain listed until the full 25m is paid off. I spoke with Picolo last night who told me specifically that you had not paid anything back. We have proof of you recieving and proof of you adding the player to your ignore list afterwards. Unless you can prove the return then unfortunately this stays listed until returned.

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