Lamb Fridge

Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Lamb Fridge

Date of Abuse: March 26th, 2019

Accused of: Not Splitting Twisted Bow

Damage Value: 1190m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Iron Oboi


Victim(s): Iron Oboi

The story as told by Iron Oboi: Know this guy for over 2 years done many raids with before, have split drops before………..and ye got scammed a tbow eze.



Submitted Evidence: Note: This is a pending case, it has been fully reviewed by a staff member. The case has been added to our pending queue and evidence/context will be updated in due course. 


  1. I noticed i am on runewatch as an ironman with no evidence. not sure if that makes sense or not but I’m accused of not splitting a twisted bow.. I’ve known Iron Oboi for almost two years now and We’ve split so many valuables together and the one raid i get a bow he does this disgusting act, He betrayed our friendship that we had which upset me. I took this as insurance hope you can spare some of your time and look into it for me.

  2. HI, even tho i have allready sent this into runewatch ill reply here.

    as you can see above this screen shot is fake, Because of his total exp at 443m. As you can see from this picture below when he scammed me for a tbow his total exp was 412m exp and 2163 total level and now he now has 443m exp 1 month and a few days after he scamed me.

    So why would i want to raid with him after he scammed me? As you can see by the exp the screen shot from lamb fridge is fake and becuase of this i wonder what other screen shots he is going to fake, nice try

    Iron oboi

  3. I like how you say oboi did this disgusting act, yet you removed Castilla from discord before he could even ask what had happened. I wonder how long it took you to photoshop that ss, nice total xp. #snake

  4. Hello,
    As an unbiased observer, it seems like this “Lamb Fridge” (what kind of rsn is that??) character is a deceitful and untrustworthy person. He scammed a friend of over 2 years for pixels and then proceeded to photoshop pictures to try and prove his case. I cannot believe that people like this exist in our community. It’s actually disgusting. I definitely think this guy should be punished accordingly because of all this. Remove this scum from the game.

    An unbiased observer

  5. Where’s the evidence of these two ironmen agreeing to split? and why is lamb on rw when he’s an ironman I don’t understand.

    1. Yes this is an ironman on runewatch with no evidence of the ironman saying he is going to split regardless he’s an ironman I don’t understand what’s happening with this case but oboi is a sook little bastard saying him and Lamb Fridge split before but they never did and he cant prove so, Lamb always ffa’s as far as i know so what i think is happening here oboi is allied with one of the rw staff to get back at lamb cos lamb didn’t want to split cos oboi’s salty

  6. Now, I am a friend of Lamb Fridge, but even though I haven’t known him for as long Oboi and Lamb have known each other, I can say that I definitely don’t think that Lamb Fridge is someone that would scam anything, much less a bow. He has split a scythe and other tob drops with me before, and is an overall nice person. Besides, I really don’t agree with the logic Oboi is using. Yes, I get that they could’ve agreed to split before, but the only screenshot here is one of Lamb getting the bow. There is no evidence proving that he agreed to split before, and considering they’re both ironmen, I’d really believe that in most cases ffa is assumed unless stated otherwise, and once again, there is no proof that he agreed to split. There is nothing to prove that for him, and now he is on runewatch for getting a tbow after they agreed to do a free for all. I really hope that the staff and everyone can take a closer look at this case and reconsider everything. Thanks

    1. if you are his friend, i feel bad for you, i like how you said he is “overall a nice person” yet he chant change his rsn from having to many offensive names? and then on his other account he had an offensive name as well L0L. I also like all these comments with names like “oboi can smd” and “obois nan” this lamb fridge guy is legit a scamming dog, says hes not mad about being on runewatch yet he tells all his friends to come and talk shit and also trys to worm his way out after clearly faking a screen shoot.

      stay mad kid

  7. Isn’t lamb fridge that iron man who was doing split ironman raids, got a scythe then proceeded to not split off his main? Noticing a trend here.

    1. no he split a scythe he just got a tbow with oboi and assused of being scammed no evidence of these 2 ironmen saying they where splitting

  8. Wow i was looking at the we do raids discord and it seems that ” lamb fridge” had scammed Dragon claws from a raid in that discord and they say to add him to your ignore list. Seems to me like this guy will scam anyone, best too avoid this guy lol ty RuneWatch

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