Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Leroii

Date of Abuse: Thursday, 12 July 2018

Accused of: Stealing Twisted Bow and 500 Dragon Arrows

Damage Value: 1272m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Yuri-chan

Clan: Ruthless PvM

Victim: Yuri-chan

The story as told by Yuri-chan: Recently, I became the owner of two twisted bows. The second twisted bow was a purchase made by me to assist my friends without twisted bows while we partied together in the Theater of Blood.

On 12 July 2018, I conducted a bow lend, without collateral, to Leroii. Leroii is an ex-staff of RuthlessPVM, my previous clan, and currently maintains a bronze star rank (1.0b+ worth of splits).

My history with Leroii goes like this: back when I was a member of RuthlessPVM, me and Leroii would do frequent raids together. After he got his first bow and was rebuilding his max gear, I helped him by lending him my Armadyl, Bandos, and Ancestral gear, without collateral. In recent times, he had staked away his bow and was back to raiding in a crossbow and blowpipe. As such, the loan was done by me without collateral as was under the assumption that my assets would be in safe hands.

As my party was about to part ways on the night of the incident, I had requested that my bow be returned. Leroii displayed the items in the trade screen and after proceeding to the 2nd trade window, the trade was cancelled and he logged out on both OSRS and Discord.

I have tried to contact him both personally and through other individual contacts, all to no success.

I have taken 3 separate screenshots of his HiScores Profile in about 5~ hours intervals. His stats are in-fact changing while remaining offline; he is fully aware of what he has done yet chooses to ignore it. I present this evidence in an album below. His CrystalMathLabs profile also reflects the same changes.

I requested the testimony of a General in RuthlessPVM who was with me throughout the entire incident. His statement is attached below as well as proof of ‘Leroiii’ (after going through several name changes) being the alt account of ‘Leroii’.

Submitted Evidence:

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