Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: m3g4m4n

Date of Abuse: Thursday, 27 September 2018

Accused of: Not Splitting Twisted Bow

Damage Value: 1180m (885m owed in splits)

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Itz BallZach

Clan: NA

Victim(s): Itz BallZach, Zuhaars bf, & Heda of RNG

The story as told by Itz BallZach: Zuhaars bf invited M3g4m4n to the cc to raid with us. He was a known friend of Zuhaars so we trusted him. We got a Twisted Bow at the end of the raid is his name. He then quickly logged out with the Tbow and deleted Zuhaars.

Submitted Evidence:

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