Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Moksy

Date of Abuse: Thursday, 15 February 2018

Accused of: Stealing Borrowed Items Kodai wand, Twisted Bow, Ancestral robe top, Ancestral Robe bottom, & Elysian Spirit Shield.

Damage Value: 1650m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Mister Ken

Clan: Hero PvM

Victim(s): Mister Ken

The story as told by Mister Ken: Lent him items for inferno. When I asked for them back he deleted me from discord.

Submitted Evidence:

Moksy: I am at srara if you ready, That Ken dude gave me that, weird dude ely ancestral kodai bow Greetings bye

Hero Camul: Is he lending you? wait, osb upgrade free is shit no timers nothing..

Moksy: Lending? Are you crazy idiot? It’s mine now Hero camul: Ehhh how??? Why would he give you that l0l

Moksy: :crying_cat_face: That was what i was wondering He has been in heroes for 1 week, got kicked from heroes, after that he goes on discord and sees me as the hero, starts kissing my ass like hell after that he lets me down 3 times in a raid which was scaled because he was too high

Hero camul: bye ok brb

Moksy: 1800 euro dude Stupid american what do you think? Thats like 180 grams at the shop (hes talking weed) or 300 gram at the dealer mininum

Moksy: He gives me inforno gear after that, Free inferno voor m0ksy + gear bye greetings and see you later


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