Drippin Dotz

Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Mr Kabe (Duo scam with Miss Saphora)

Date of Abuse: Friday, 6th August 2018

Accused of: Stealing lent items: Bandos Chestplate, Armadyl Chestplate, Armadyl Chainskirt, Ancestral Hat, Ancestral Bottoms, Ancestral Top, Eternal Boots, Primordial Boots, Pegasian Boots, Arcane Spirit Shield, Saradomin Godsword & Twisted Bow.

Damage Value: 1.9b

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Zrax

Clan: RuthlessPVM

Victim(s): Zrax

The story as told by Zrax: Two in real life friends (Miss Saphora and Mr Kabe) have decided to choose pixels over friendship. I lent them about 1.9b in gear while I was away at work for about two months. Upon coming back from the trip, I was told I will not be receiving my items back via a voice call. Both of them proceeded to block me on all communication platforms and then block everyone associated with me. Keep in mind both of them account share. My gear was swapped between both of them, hence why I am making it a dual case.

Submitted Evidence:


  1. This gives 0 proof to anything, if zrax was gone for work for 2 months how come he’s sending proof of stuff that happened 4 months ago? I honestly don’t believe any of this. There is not enough evidence to prove anything here. Who is noxro? Why was he laughing and thinking it’s a good idea when kabe said he would scam a tbow if he got it at raids? It seems like noxro is zraxs friend? Wouldn’t a real friend stop that right away before zrax would even loan the items? This whole situation seems fake and unrealistic. Sorry I just can’t believe it guys. I have been watching miss saphora stream for a while now and she got a tbow split on stream and she split it that’s why she has all this gear. I just don’t understand any of this and I personally think is fake. I will continue to support saphora and kabe and her stream.

    1. I’ve known her for quite a while now… Long before she even started streaming. If you head over to her YouTube channel that she promotes on stream you’d notice that I’m in pretty much all of the videos so feel free to go stop by there and check that out. As for being Zrax’s friend, I am now yes. In the time period of the screenshots however, I was not. She manipulated me into not liking Zrax because she was hiding her relationship with him from me. I even asked her directly multiple times if she was close to him in any way and if she ever voice with him alone. She said no every single time despite that not being true in the screenshots provided. Before this whole streaming / YouTube thing even started, she was also proven to be a scammer when trying to get her own RSPS. This was from a guy named OG Kingfox and there’s a thread on the “Runeserver” website talking about it. Obviously you’re allowed to support whoever you’d like to… That’s your freedom. However, this girl and her mod Kabe are scammers. I’d suggest not lending them items.

      1. Here’s an update… She’s removed all of the videos besides her channel trailer from her YouTube now upon seeing this and also changed her banner to I assume… try and discredit what I said previously.

        However… Here’s the pictures proving what she’s just done. It’s kind of insane how she’s trying to delete and hide everything but in reality it’s just making it worse.

        It shows all of the videos that used to be there, has proof of her showing them to me via Discord, shows how she only left her channel trailer, and then shows the videos deleted in her playlists.

        Here’s the link:


    2. She never got received a Twisted Bow drop in her name. My mate was the one who received the drop and I was ended up splitting the drop. She only received a split because she was part of the group. I love the fact that you believe everything she says, but yet she does not provide any shred of evidence to support her claims.

      Here is the drop she is referring to. NOT IN HER NAME.

      The trade screenshots are there to dispute her claim that she never received any items from Zrax. If you actually bothered to check all the evidence, it’s quite clear that both Miss Saphora and Mr Kabe continuously received items from Zrax. He then gave them items one last time before going on a long business trip. Upon coming home and him requesting to receive his items back, they went ahead and ghosted him.

      Upon reviewing the split logs from RuthlessPVM, Miss Saphora only profited just under 600m. All of the profit she made was with Zrax. She also took a 300m loan from Noxro who still hasn’t received it back as well.

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