Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Te Wolfman

Date of Abuse: Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Accused of: Stealing Items

Damage Value: 100 million GP Cash payout, Blowpipe, Archer Ring, Scales and Darts, Berserker Ring, Pray potions and other supplies (125m)

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: A new low

Clan: Team Eternity (teameternity)

Victim(s): A Proud Oak (A new low)

The story as told by A new low:

To make this as short as possible before I am contacted by one of the RuneWatch crew:

An account training procedure was agreed upon by my close clan friend ‘Lambent’ after I was introduced to a clan member named TE Wolf, the training would be done by TE Wolf as he had done something similar for my friend Lambent in the past, as we became closer friends this idea became more and more real as we staked for higher and higher cash stacks, after a while, it was possible. I had the cash stack required to afford something like this. The price was then agreed upon to be 100 million gold with the costs of training to be paid for by me, and the stat targets that would be achieved was to overall make an AGS (1def) pure with high range and moderate strength, with other additives created at a later date (agility level, castle wars gear).

After the payout, the fact that it was paid out upfront was meant to give incentive for Wolf to train incredibly hardcore for the first few days/weeks of account training, he did barely anything. It was something like half a strength level (from level 67 strength) over a few days. This was a complete joke of a training service. I immediately tried to get into contact with him.

By the time I managed to contact him through Lambent’s discord, it had been 2 weeks. I mentioned that I was unhappy with the service and eventually just wanted my stuff back so I could move on with life and do it myself. I was declined this possibility as he had already spent the money and refused to return it. He said my only option was to let him train.

My exam periods were soon arriving so I was minimizing my play time and was only logging in to check that he was actually making progress, which he was not. Shortly after my exam period had finished, barely any work was actually done on the account and this became far too ridiculous to allow to continue. I made it very clear that I was unhappy with this. In the meantime Lambent had sent him a message detailing that he was screwing me over. After this, it became clear that he had blocked him and then when I next logged in to check the account after had been travelling for a while, it became known to me that he had stolen everything off of the account.

Submitted Evidence:

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