Report an Incident

RuneWatch will only publish reports submitted that have stolen valuables or incidents of not splitting.

Please review the examples of evidence below before submitting your report. The report submission form is below the examples.

Types of evidence we can use:

  • Screenshot of accused confessing to the abuse.
  • Screenshot of discussion regarding the incident with the accused.
  • Screenshot of the accused receiving the items or gold.
  • Screenshot or GIF of the victim(s) being removed from the accused’s friends list or put on their ignore list. You can see this by going in or attempting to join the accused’s clan chat.
  • Screenshot of the accused applying to your clan on your clan thread.
  • Screenshot of the victim(s) delivering a testimony on the incident.
  • A screenshot of a clan leader verifying that the incident took place. Please provide proof of their rank by showing the clan chat with the name and rank in the screenshot.
  • Video evidence of the incident taking place.

Note: Make sure to screenshot this yourself, do not link us to their highscores page. Highscores links will not help a case.

This is required in case we need to contact you about your case submission. Please join our Discord server:

*Note that alternate accounts will only be listed with clear evidence that links them to that account.

Duel arena scamming and account hi-jacking offences will only be published if there is very strong evidence against the accuser. Pking scams will not be listed in any circumstance.

Enter each item on a separate line

If any wealth is returned to us by the accused we will only give back the value of wealth at the time of the incident. For example; if an Armadyl hilt was 32m at the time of the incident and after a few months it rose to 45m, we will return 32m to the victim(s)

Please give us a summary of what happened.

Note: Make sure to screenshot this yourself, do not link us to their highscores page. Highscores links will not help a case.

Please note that in instances where stolen wealth is returned, contact information for outside of the game could assist in returning their wealth.

Please list each email on separate lines.

Please note that capitalization matters.

Note* If you are not allowed to enter the accused's clan chat, please submit a GIF of you attempting to do so.

Full screen in game screenshot with their rank visible in the image.

Please check all applicable to your evidence submitted.

Please wait...

Please make sure to be in our Discord server after sending us a report, this will allow us to communicate with you quickly and easily should we need more information from you.

*DISCLAIMER* By submitting this form, I, the author, give sole ownership of the contents submitted to be managed by the staff as they deem fitting. does not guarantee that your report will be published on the site upon submission.  Once the report has been submitted it cannot be revoked by the submitter.  Cases will be kept public until a successful return of wealth has been acquired by the staff of for the victim from the accused. As the submitter of this case, please inform all victim(s) of this accusation that all wealth returns are to be middle-manned by designated RuneWatch staff members to ensure proper documenting of the return of wealth is performed.