Defining Reportable Incidents

The content of this page is meant to inform all users of this website of what types of incidents that take place on RuneScape are reportable to

RuneWatch staff members retain the right to determine whether an incident reported to us meets the requirements of the reportable incident definitions provided below.

Due to the nature of this website, there are types of incidents in RuneScape that do warrant attention, but will not be posted on this website.

All incidents reported to must have gold or items stolen involved for the incident to be published on the website. This is due to RuneWatch’s goal of having all players who have been reported to this website to have the ability to repeal their posted case through returning wealth to the website’s staff for the victims to be duly compensated.

Stealing Loaned Items

The act of stealing items or gold that were loaned to you with the agreement to return them.

Not Splitting

The act of receiving a valuable drop from a boss, monster, or raid while having the agreement to split the valuable items or gold and then refusing to compensate others of their due split.

Luring Items From Players

The successful action of deceiving others into a situation where they would lose their items or gold for personal gain. There must be proof of the stealing of gold or items for these types of cases to be listed on
*Disclaimer* Adequate evidence must be acquired and submitted for luring cases to be published on

Account Hi-Jacking

Accessing another person’s account without their express permission and stealing items from the account.
*Disclaimer* Adequate evidence must be acquired and submitted for Account Hi-Jacking cases to be published on

Trade-Screen Deception

The act of deceiving another through the trade-screen in RuneScape to obtain gold or items from another player for themselves.
*Disclaimer* Adequate evidence must be acquired and submitted for trade-screen deception cases to be published on