Remove A Case

This form will be used for us to know that you wish to have your case removed from the website.

If you wish to have your case removed you must give the total wealth to an authorized RuneWatch staff member that is due to the victims of your case. There are no additional fees to remove your case. All wealth returns must be middle-manned by the staff of this website in order for cases to be removed in order to ensure that the victims will receive their due compensation.

Following the submission of this form, you will be contacted in game or through the other form of contact information you have provided us with. Please leave your private chat option as “On” in game in order for us to contact you.

Listed below are the authorized RuneWatch staff members to return wealth can be contacted in game or on Discord. Please join our Discord after you have submitted the form.

RSN: TNT Unsafest – Discord ID: Unsaf3st#8729
RSN: Jumanji – Discord ID: Jumanji#4747
RSN: Nibss – Discord ID: Nibss#8239

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What happens after I successfully return the wealth to a staff member?

Your case will be removed from view to all.  However, you will be kept track of in case of a second offense privately only by staff of this website.

If I were to be listed on this website a second time after returning wealth a first time, will I be able to be taken down again by returning the wealth?

Second offense scammers will be able to return wealth, but both offenses will be publicly shown with it showing that they returned the stolen wealth.

You can still join a clan, but they can see your previous cases. We suggest in this case, if you want to join a clan, you be open and honest with the clan leaders about what happened.

Those that have committed a third offense and have used up their two return wealth opportunities will be permanently listed without chance of recompense.