Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: RoT Daisy

Date of Abuse: Saturday, 28 July 2018

Accused of: Not Splitting a Twisted Bow

Damage Value: 1250m (833m in splits owed)

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Phamit – We Do Raids Mod

Clan: We Do Raids Discord Server

Victim(s): Jezzwatson & Lunarxchaos

The story as told by Phamit: Victim met “rot daisy” last weekend on WDR discord and then they added each other. They have been raiding together for 1 week and even split a dexterous prayer scroll and claws together. RoT daisy brought her friend jezzwatson starting mid week last week. They met together tonight to raid and we did 2-3 raids together and then they got a twisted bow drop. She told them to meet at clan wars after she got it to “test it out” then to meet at the grand exchange. They got to the grand exchange and then she talked to them for 30 seconds on how happy she was then she went to “sell” it then she logged out. changed her name from “rot daisy” to “new guy70” then to “new guy 70”. then blocked the victim on discord and runescape.

Submitted Evidence:

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