RuneWatch Staff

We have a number of dedicated staff members of RuneWatch that have a variety of roles. The roles and contact information of the staff members are listed below.

If you require any help from us, please use the appropriate Staff member for the question that you have. Alternatively, you can use our email and Twitter contact information found here.

Our Staff

TNT Unsafest (Leader of TNT PvM) – Website Management, Reports, Investigation & Returning Wealth. Contact Information – Unsaf3st#8729 (Discord)

Jumanji (Leader of Oblivion PvM)– Website Management, Social Media Management, Name Changes & Returning Wealth. Contact Information – Jack / Jumanji#2976 (Discord). @OblvJack (Twitter)

Nibss (Leader of Knights of PvM) – Reports, Investigation & Returning Wealth. Contact Information – Nibss#8239 (Discord) @NibssOSRS

RSJ Veq (Formerly Operated RS Justice) – Reports, Investigation, Name Tracking, & Returning Wealth
Contact Information – RSJ Veq#9884 (Discord)

Twisty Fork (General in Deities of PvM) – Twisty Bot & Program Developer. Contact Information – Twisty Fork#0899 (Discord)

Cepp (Leader of Divine PvM) – Community Support Manager. Contact Information – Cepp#8036 (Discord)

Hero Ozzy (Leader of Hero PvM) – Community Support. Contact Information – Hero Ozzy#8491 (Discord)

Domina (Leader of Exigence) – Community Support. Contact Information – Domina#3529 (Discord)