Squirty Teen

Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: sazoom

Date of Abuse: Monday, 22 January 2018

Accused of: Stealing borrow item BGS

Damage Value: 11m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: JS Bach 3

Clan: 07Fury

Victim(s): Janequeo (JS Bach)

The story as told by JS Bach 3: Not first time lending items to sazoom (meh main is old name), he was active in 07fury as a quite new member, casually talking every now and then in the chat. And i had trusted him with an item before the past week, which i can’t remember now, but he gave it back, so I gained trust and sympathy in him.
I decided to trust him for a few days with a BGS, since he said he didn’t have the best gear for bossing and he had a rank in the clan, and i believed it cause he wasn’t very high level from what i could see in highschores. I lent him BGS on Friday January the 19th 2018 after he solicited it (he also solicited money that i thankfully didnt have) , and agreed he would give it back on monday the 22nd, a date set by me. After contacting him at least 4 times (on monday the 22nd) asking for my sword, he gave excuses, like being on a current trip to godwars and the proceeded to logout, and started saying he would give me much more money later or split items to divert the conversation and to probably avoid suspicions of a scam being a possibility.
after contacting him once again after a while, he somehow assumed (implied) I should have known him not answering meant I should be at GE (we hadnt agreed any place to meet, as he avoided my message mostly, so such a possibility to even meet was a part of the conversation we hadnt reached yet, he was just promising and offering money and part of his loot to probably divert my mind, in which he succeeded cause I got my hopes up and went to grand exchange, to once again not find him there. This is when i realized It was probably a scam, cause he also left the 07fury clan chat, and he was one of the few which stayed long sessions online, so you could always see his name beforehand.
As its the first time im scammed, i didn’t take preventive measures or pictures to prove the situation. But I started collecting all the data after I realized it was a scam, including himself acknowledging he had said item of mine, and himself trying to divert the situation… therefore all the info i’ve gathered has been after contacting him 4 times atleast (somehow he didn’t erase me from his friends, and every now and then i could see what world he was in, I even messaged him, but he didn’t answer) I even hopped to his world to try and find him, and found him at GE and traded him, but he said i should wait (he said sec) cause he was selling tabs, and after a vague promise he vanished. Luckily he acknowledged he had MY bandos godsword before he left (last image).

Submitted Evidence:

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