Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Str pks4

Date of Abuse: Thursday, 8 November 2018

Accused of: Stealing 500m

Damage Value: 500m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Clean Guam

Clan: PvM Outpost

Victim(s): Clean Guam

The story as told by Clean Guam: Gentleman was apart of the PVM OUTPOST Clan and played with the clan for a while. he did lots of trips and had good gear, he then logged in and said he has got hacked (he made up a story about going to a bar and talking to a group of guys on rs mobile and he “lost” his phone for a bit and was too drunk to check on the night.. he asked to borrow raids gear so i lent him 400m to get back on his feet, he then asked to borrow an extra 100m for claws and dpic we spoke on mobile and whatsapp/discord a lot for months i had no reason to not trust him, he had split and done lots of bossing with myself and others.. he then staked the lot and lost, he brought it back (after saying he won £16k at a casino) he did buy (rwt) 500m and he then staked it and lost again… I told him he needs to make it back so he can pay me back asap, I staked for a friend and he knew my friend gave me his money so he added him and tried to say it was me on the account to get him to give him his money, he then saw that I had max gear on and said he would stake it and pay me back with his wins … I explained it wasn’t mine I had given him my bank and im borrowing off a friend to get my magic up (ancestral) he then kept saying just sell it and let me stake it he will never know cause u can rebuy it with the money I give u back after we win.. I kept saying no, this morning he called me up saying let me borrow your bandos I said no and he was like C`mon you know im gonna give you it back I have had Bills and when I make bank im gonna give you a TBOW I explained im not giving him anything anymore, ive told my leaders in the pvm clan we are in together to ban him and have sent them WhatsApp messages between us of him asking to scam people.

Submitted Evidence:

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  1. Lol what a liar this was my account at the time he even hacked my account even changed the cc name to “scammed” and he is showing a different pic to you guys if I scammed his for 500m after buying the gp surely I would of brought more gp is I won 16k ? He telling a different story to the cc

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