Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Viinaaaa

Date of Abuse: 24th of March , 2019

Accused of: Not Splitting Twisted Bow

Damage Value: 1194m

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Phamit & Icejets

Clan: WDR

Victim(s):  icejets, t bwana

The story as told by Icejets: Three players T Bwana, icejets, Viinaaaa got into a raid together on we do raids lfr. Icejets was alting. Viinaaaa got a twisted bow drop and logged off.

T Bwana hosted a raid in WDR All raids with exceptions of raids found in the #lfr-ffa-and-iron channel within the We Do Raids discord are by default split if the split would be more than 1 million gold pieces per person.
This raid was scouted in the #lfr-standard channel so it would have been, by default, a split raid. Viinaaaa scams a tbow after the raid and even saying he is going to run off with it

Submitted Evidence

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