Accused Player Name at the Time of Abuse: Wakanaiyo

Date of Abuse: Sunday, 21 August 2016

Accused of: Not splitting a Dexterous Prayer Scroll

Damage Value: 81m  (60m in splits)

Evidence Quality Suggestion:

Submitted by: Phamit – We Do Raids Moderator

Clan: We Do Raids Discord

Victim(s): FK U OLM, Noelt, Tyfus Revs

The story as told by Phamit:

FK U OLM went with a raid with Noelt and wakanaiyo which was hosted in WDR. They previously got ancestral hat (noelt name) which was splitted then next raid they got dexterous scroll to wakanaiyo name. Wakanaiyo ended leaving the cc with the dex scroll without splitting.

Submitted Evidence:

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