Bot & Plugin

Bot & Plugin

To invite TwistyBot to your own server:
Invite Twisty Bot

If you can't see TwistyBot commands in your own server, you may have used an older invite link that doesn't have the applications.commands scope. Reinvite the bot using the link above to fix it.

If you still don't see commands, have a server admin verify that your role has Use Application Commands privilege, and that Server settings > Integrations > TwistyBot > Permissions are set up to allow commands for your role / channel.

To check if a player is listed on RuneWatch, use the /rw slash command:

Find the plugin on the official RuneLite plugin hub. Once you have the plugin downloaded & enabled, it does the rest by itself!

Anytime you trade another player, once you've hit accept,the plugin will take a full-sized screenshot of your client showing both your name & the other player's name.
These screenshots are all automatically added to your devices hard drive & accessible anytime by clicking right clicking the camera icon on the top right-hand corner of your RuneLite Launcher.

The RuneWatch plugin also warns you in real-time of scammers anytime a player on either list enters your character's view, it will populate in your chat-box as seen above warning you as following;
"Cepp is on RuneWatch's list for scamming a Twisted Bow on October 5, 2021."

Depending on which offense, or which list, you may notice a different vocabulary.
You are also able to right-click any player in-game and click "investigate" which will then show you if that player is on a Watchlist through We Do Raids or RuneWatch & what offence they are accused of, if any.