How To Remove A Case

Remove A Case

ALL Returns must go through belinda6472 (discord), Bindy1 (RSN) OR Unsafest (discord), Unsafest (RSN)

Once a case is listed, Runewatch has a very strict policy on what is required to remove the case. Please note that no exceptions are made to this policy and one of the below examples must be met.

You return the full value of wealth from the time it was taken.
Note: This value will be either the price of the missing wealth at the time of the incident OR the price of the items at todays market value depending on which value is highest.
This is so that victims do not lose out during the time they are missing their wealth with changing item prices.

You prove with in game evidence at the time that you are innocent of what you have been accused of.
We will not discuss opinion or hearsay or debate a case without evidence. No evidence = no discussion in relation to an appeal.

You prove that the wealth has already been returned. Same as above, no evidence, no discussion.

Important If you do not follow our returns process and go via Runewatch staff to ensure items are returned in full to the correct victims you risk your case not being removed.
If we cannot verify with 100% certainty that a case is closed, it will remain open.