Stealing Borrowed Items
The story as told by Hamza Too :

On the 28th of May, Oxicot, now known as donutsNsugar requested a Twisted Bow loan through discord PMs. Since I've trusted this particular individual in the past, I had no reason to think he would scam. My Twisted Bow was lent out to my irl friend, who's account I have access to. I logged into that account, and lent Oxicot the bow for him to do some Zulrah. I then proceeded to AFK for roughly 1 hour before coming back. I asked for my bow back, and he told me to wait a few minutes because his roommate was talking to him (this conversation happened through in-game PMs). I didn't think much of it. A few moments later he messaged me back in-game and said "Sorry bro" and logged out. I was left scratching my head for a few minutes before contacting my friend "Mjnt", who was good friends with Oxicot prior to this scam. A day before the scam, Mjnt had lent Oxicot a scythe. We were both baffled at this and couldn't understand the reasoning behind his behavior.

After many conversations on discord, Oxicot informed me that he owed money to his drug dealer and this was his only way to pay him. As of right now, he has no intentions of paying back any amount of money (stated in discord PMs).

Moments after scamming us, he double name changed in an attempt to raid with people in "We Do Raids" discord. He currently goes by the name of "donutsNSugar". He also has an ironman with the name of "Iron Oxicot". Please beware.
Hamza Too
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Twisted Bow

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