Stealing Borrowed Items
Zigy Zags has been a friend of ours for almost 6 months now. He seemed to be very bipolar with certain situations. Cody960603 was very close with him and they were always lending items to each other to boss together. In-between this time, Cody had given Zigy Zags 70M cash for a rebuild because he had lost it all at the sand casino (dual arena) making it clear that he would want it back as soon as possible. Finally, they decided to go do armadyl and ,as usual, Cody had done a trade with Zigy Zags (not knowing it would be his last). They did end up going to Arma, but Zigy Zags said goodnight without having given Cody his items back. In the moment, Cody hadn't thought anything bad of it since Zigy Zags had been logging in every day for the last 6 months. Zigy Zags did tell us that his mother would be coming to town for a week, so Cody waited a little over a week before trying to reach out to him on Discord. After almost two weeks of no sign from Zigy Zags, Cody, myself and someone else from our Discord tried reaching out to him on Discord. We all never got a reply. The third person (frozenpoppy) actually had his personal cellphone number because they were calling each other often, so she tried calling and was shocked by the automated voice message saying that this number is no longer assigned to anyone (he changed his number). From then on, we knew that he ghosted us. We have tried reaching out to him multiple times without any reply and heck we even found him on a few streamer's chats! We first found him on Dollblush's chat 2 weeks after the incident and then found him on Pan1c_07's chat 3 weeks after the incident. He also changed his name on Discord (I don't think he realized that we can see it). We are all a very nice group of friends and although we don't approve of any sort of lending, Zigy Zags manipulated us into believing that he was our friend for so long and we have no clue why the would just ghost us like this. We did take into consideration that something bad could have happened, but seeing him in a few streamer's chat while they were live has really made it concrete that he has scammed Cody for his items and cash. P.S. He has multiple accounts with the following names: - Zigs Zagz - Dollarbilli - Slappy Bagel - Zig Zag
Evidence 536bfc1 for a case against Jdot2Sick
Evidence e90adf8 for a case against Jdot2Sick
Evidence 9477220 for a case against Jdot2Sick
Evidence 70e9c0b for a case against Jdot2Sick
Evidence 4e8f7c7 for a case against Jdot2Sick
Evidence d69ff3e for a case against Jdot2Sick
Evidence e80a497 for a case against Jdot2Sick
Evidence 758ad53 for a case against Jdot2Sick
Original Rsn:
Zigy Zags
Ring Of Suffering
Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Chainskirt
Pegasian Boots

Evidence Quality:
Date of Abuse:
1 year ago

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