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Not Splitting
"Name of love" aka "sgt slauder" (previous name) is a player I became friends with through ToB, he had been doing ToB with myself and multiple other people I knew since we got our first kc. We had always done splits and never had any problems. He "name of love" was often getting cleaned at the dueling arena so we (myself and other players from our ToB group) lent him gear as needed so he could do ToB with us and he always gave back the things we lent him.


On Friday 21th of September he had been cleaned once again and one of his IRL friends lent him 1800M for gear so he could tob again (according to him) and so we did. At approximately 1 am (usa time) he was doing ToB with one of my friends, Enrik and 2 random ffa players and he got Scythe of Vitur in his name. He said he would go sell it so he could split with Enrik but proceeded to remove everyone off of his friendlist and add most of us to ignore.

P.S. There is no evidence of him agreeing to split, however all of the raids we had previously done were split raids and there was never even any discussion of not splitting items and multiple people can vouch for this. I'm in 07clan with Enrik and multiple people from our clan can vouch for us and other clan members always doing split raids with him, I can also provide names of other players who can vouch for this as needed.
Case Evidence Has Been Archived.
Original Rsn:
name of love
Scythe Of Vitur (uncharged)

Evidence Quality:
pure paprika
Date of Abuse:
4 years ago

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