Stealing Borrowed Items
1 day Valdor Yerda helps out KG 9 by raiding with him since he's low kc.

Few raids pass and a few days later I've joined his discord and we're now chatting through voice.

We get a drop here and there all the while he's in not so great gear. Tell him to keep some items for himself since I'm wealthy enough.

Fast forward a few weeks and KG 9 messages Valdor Yerda that he just got scammed for his bank.

I (Valdor Yerda) felt bad for the man but he logged off before I could do anything.

I come online the next day and KG 9 is doing vorkath to rebuild. I tell him to meet me at the Grand Exchange.

I trade him over a DHL and a DHCB so he can rebuild faster but I did want them back after a while.

The next day, I'm blocked from his discord server, can't send him a message (so I'm blocked) and notice I'm unfriended in game, I spot him at the CoX bank and confront him.

Gave him the choice on giving me my items back or getting reported.

You all can see what he chose.
Valdor Yerda
Evidence 1b49a63 for a case against KyeeG
Evidence e2ce218 for a case against KyeeG
Evidence 3c178bf for a case against KyeeG
Evidence 1b21c31 for a case against KyeeG
Evidence ed6a8d1 for a case against KyeeG
Evidence c0c3ef1 for a case against KyeeG
Original Rsn:
KG 9
Dragon Hunter Lance
Dragon Hunter Crossbow

Evidence Quality:
Valdor Yerda
Date of Abuse:
2 years ago

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