Not Splitting
Jamieh95 was hosting a raid in Wdr , Me(EELT) , Bill Bowlegs and; Sad but true joined the raid at around 17:00 gmt+2. Raid took about 30 mins and the host ended up getting a t-bow. After getting the drop he remained in olms lair and logged out after a minute or two. He left his cc and turned his private off. After a few hours we were able to talk to him via his cc in which he claimed to regret doing it and felt bad and wanted to split the money. After some conversation it became evident that he was just trolling us and kicked us from the cc and logged off. He did this a few times : pretending he wanted to split the bow , get our hopes up then kick us from cc and go offline.
EELT, Bill Bowlegs, Sad but true
Case Evidence Has Been Archived.
Original Rsn:
PvP Newb
Twisted Bow

Evidence Quality:
Date of Abuse:
3 years ago

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