Not Splitting
The story as told by Strr3ngthz:

Strr3ngthz and ArcticMank had found a nice scout and were looking for a third to complete out trio, we had reached out to both of our rs friends inviting them as a third. Being unsuccesful in finding another person, Strr3ngthz proceeded to post our raid rotation in WeDoRaids Discord; this is how Blazinn had joined us on this raid.

Everything was going smoothly throughout the raid except for when we came to realize we had hit the mega rare drop table with the TBOW drop. Blazinn had left the Olm room immediately and had taken the Tbow out of his private chest and proceeded to tele out ASAP. This is where we were skeptical not knowing if he went to insta-sell or that we were SOL and not getting a split.

Blazinn had doubled name changed to 8161047 to his current name 816 1047.

We had posted in drop table about being scammed a Tbow by Blazinn and Strr3ngthz had messaged mods in WDR Discord about next steps. Meanwhile with this all going on, we had been notified by someone in OdaBlock's Discord server that Blazinn known as Talha#3992 on Discord had been flexing his newly found fortune in Odablock's Discord. I had gone into the Odabloc's disc to take screenshots of him saying "it is what it is", "lets see you give 700M to randoms" (screenies attached).

Strr3ngthz and ArcticMank had both reached out to Blazinn via Discord and were blocked after a short conversation. ArcticMank then proceeded to make an discord alt and since Blazinn felt some remorse for scamming 700m in splits had agreed to give ArcticMank 100m since he felt bad. ArcticMank then claimed he was going to split 50/50 with Strr3ngthz regardless and had asked 50m for Strr3ngthz himself. ArcticMank was given 150m; 100m Arcticmank & 50m Strr3ngthz from Blazinn (Talha#3992) as BLazinn had felt remorse for scamming. Although it may not be the full 350m split Strr3ngthz and ArcticMank deserved it was better then the 200k drops we had recieved from COX.

To finish up, it was a nice but expensive lesson to learn and experience about raiding with randoms as the 350m splits/ea would have help tremendously with our rs accounts. Just don't want to see anyone else falling victims to Blazinn in his future raids for scamming ways
Strr3ngthz, ArcticMank
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