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Story from soloplayer90:
okey so the start is i was looking for a team for nightmare this morning and like the screenshots says that guy called MyLuckIsGud or something created a team and we joined like a normal team then the scammer came asking for a place while we were on a fight with nm i think i don't remember exactly when so he asked and the leader replayed yes and then he joined we did some KCs like a normal team nothing seems sus or anything everything was normal then on the 6th kc or 7th i lost count we got the drop harm orb i was super happy then he told as "ge" and teleported that's all he said and then all of us went to ge waiting and i realized he left the cc i asked them where is he they said let's wait maybe he is coming or something happen after like 5 min of waiting we confirmed he scammed us because he was never seen after the TP from nightmare i added him to ask he didn't log in or accept and then we got depressed ofc because my first drop ever and it's harm orb at leaste i can get upgrade for gear , and then i told we should report him on wdr and me and cloudy days and MyLuckIsGud were talking to know how and staff while the blacklist guy stayed silent i don't sus him or anything i'm just telling everything on my pv and then i reported maybe we all did idk

Story from Cloudy Daysz:
We were doing the kill normally, when the drop came out I didn't say anything I really just got excited, but it seemed strange to me since usually the b2b is done, it was the penultimate kill and only one was missing so I saw it strange. The person said GE and I when I went there and I did not see her and then I did not see her in the CC, I looked for her name in wdr and I did not find it, so I did not want to say anything else because the error was so much mine for not realizing that was not in wdr and from the person who created the PARTYT for not checking
imissed that he reached the 4th kill so I did not check since he was the last and the other 3 were already in wdr and what had confirmed

Story from blackskt2:
We made nightmare when the rare came out to this person, all happy we went to a great exchange and there he did not appear, the minutes passed and he never arrived, he was not connected or in the cc, there I realized that they robbed us

Story from MyLuckIsGud:
So we setup a group cc to do nightmare from WDR discord. After about 4 kills into the trip, the accused member received a harmonised orb drop. After celebrating with us he called to go to the GE and we all teleported to the GE. Once I got to the GE only the remaining 3 members were present and the accused member left the cc and added all the members to his ignore list. He changed his name twice but were able to pinpoint his new name as we had his old name on hiscores.
Note from Me, WaFFlz about the evidence.

We do not have hiscores of the user as the scam occurred as they double name changed within 5 minutes of the report/scam. Sadly we do not have 100% undisputed evidence that the 2 users are the same person, and i know the runelite hiscores suck.. But it was the best we could do, hopefully it is enough. Thanks
blackskt2, MyLuckIsGud, soloplayer90, cloudy daysz
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