Stealing Borrowed Items
I got scammed by RSN: Reyflame around 750m Tuesday 12.5.2020.

How the scam was done:

He, him = rasse undead, reyflame and annoying you

I have known him for around 6 months. He is an old Finnish OSRS player and he has been playing in our clan chat wmchat for some time. He did a 1875m trust trade to Ritari Esko in the fall of 2019. He seemed like a nice guy, he had streams on twitch and owns an old YouTube channel.

I added his RSN: rasse undead a couple of weeks ago because he hasn't played much in the past. He said, that I should add his med lvl account RSN: reyflame and I did.

Last Tuesday 12.5.2020 he asked for a Tbow to his med (reyflame) as a loan to get inferno cape. He explained that he needed it to start his streams again, so I trusted him. I said that I don't have a Tbow or enough gold for it, but he told me that some of his friends will borrow the rest. I trusted him and gave him around 604m. He said that he still needed a little bit more. I gave him another 112m and 26m. (Total around 742m) After that he said he had around 1140m which was Tbows current price back then. He asked for more but I asked him to show his cash stack. He said that some of his viewers will loan Tbow and pay me back but he just logged off and blocked me on discord.

I panicked and couldn't report him on game because the report abuse restrictions. I did sent an email to jagex tip-off after the scam.

I was in a hurry on Tuesday IRL and was stupid to trade the amount to him without checking the trade/links properly. I was too gullible and wanted to help his stream and get it started again.

Trade images that I saved as well as the block on discord. Took them to prove the amount I loaned. He said that he will pay me back 800m or more in discord.
This is the payback that we agreed upon.

Gyanzo gifs of our conversation on discord.

The discord chat seemed legit and the links he sent me.
His twitch:

His another twitch where I saw his 1st inferno cape kill picture.
And screenshot of his Twitch profile:
Here he said that he has got 9 capes and first capes time was 123:43.

His YouTube channel where "new" videos were uploaded before scam. (last upload 11.5.2020)

His discord that he used to scam me:
Antti Rinne
Original Rsn:
Manta Ray
Nature Rune
Chaos Rune
Blood Rune
Diamond Bolts (e)
Magic Logs
Uncut Ruby
Saradomin Chaps
Wizard Boots
Helm Of Neitiznot
Dragon Arrow
Heavy Ballista
Dragon Javelin
Tormented Bracelet
Necklace Of Anguish
Amulet Of Torture
Staff Of The Dead
Armadyl Godsword
Bandos Godsword
Zamorakian Spear
Armadyl Helmet
Dragon Boots
Black Chinchompa
Stamina Potion(4)
Super Combat Potion(4)
Elder Maul
Ahrim's Robetop
Ahrim's Robeskirt
Zulrah's Scales
Torag's Platebody
Torag's Platelegs
Zamorak Dragonhide Set
Dragon Warhammer
Bracelet Of Ethereum (uncharged)
Revenant Ether
Palm Sapling
Dragon Crossbow
Dragon Bolts
Uncharged Toxic Trident (e)
Papaya Fruit
Celastrus Sapling
Amulet Of Fury
Divine Super Combat Potion(4)
Toxic Staff (uncharged)
Torag's Helm

Evidence Quality:
Wild Might
Antti Rinne
Date of Abuse:

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