sherb xi
Stealing Borrowed Items
I loaned gear to Sherb "PVM gains" at the time while he was a member in my clan. When it was time to return the gear he disconnected from voice, logged out of the game, and blocked me on discord. Most of the conversation at the time happened on voice so I didn't have much proof. He messaged me apologizing months later so I'm submitting a case now that I have proper proof. The screenshot of the gear trade was his screenshot that he sent to me. I didn't originally take a screenshot when I loaned the gear - I asked him to show me what gear he had of mine so I could keep track of what I had loaned out. He had borrowed gear for months prior to this incident so I didn't screenshot the trade myself.
Evidence ee78f1f for a case against sherb xi
Evidence eb677eb for a case against sherb xi
Evidence 8123c6c for a case against sherb xi
Evidence 4f2738a for a case against sherb xi
Evidence fa90518 for a case against sherb xi
Original Rsn:
sherb xi
Pegasian Boots
Primordial Boots
Armadyl Helmet
Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Chainskirt
Dragon Hunter Crossbow
Amulet Of Torture
Bandos Chestplate
Necklace Of Anguish
Dragon Warhammer
Dragon Hunter Lance
Tormented Bracelet
Ancestral Hat
Ancestral Robe Top
Ancestral Robe Bottom
Occult Ornament Kit

Evidence Quality:
Hardline PVM
Date of Abuse:
2 years ago

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