Stealing Borrowed Items
Basically Sallah came back to the game after previously getting cleaned, I've helped him in the past since he helped me when I was newer and he always pulled through. Done longer term Scy loans, short term Tbow loan etc and it always returned to me at the end of the day. Now with the duel arena gone and he eventually started playing again I initially lent him a scythe since it's the perfect rebuild item for him. Eventually I had an extra torva set which I also lent to him since I was merching torva longterm. Anyways, I've noticed Sallah login into PvP worlds every now and then which was a red flag since he could be deathmatching but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt since he used to pk quite freuqently and didn't mind it. However later on I noticed him being W416 and I checked up on him and he was tobbing with full Void & Whip which is when I confronted him in discord which reveals that he has lost the items that I lent him. He gave a bullshit story about how his bank got wiped and tried to lie about it, And I've since broken my contact with him.

TL;DR He no longer has my torva+scy, most likely gambled it through deathmatching and lost it.
Star qt
Evidence c37a500 for a case against Sallah
Evidence 7af9cd6 for a case against Sallah
Evidence db3d63c for a case against Sallah
Evidence f0e2072 for a case against Sallah
Original Rsn:
Torva Full Helm
Torva Platebody
Torva Platelegs
Scythe Of Vitur (uncharged)

Evidence Quality:
Star qt
Date of Abuse:
8 months ago

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