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Stealing Borrowed Items
Background: I met Ab0 at the start of lockdown when he had no money and no boss kc. I taught him to boss at multiple godwars bosses so spent like 6 hour per day with this guy for 2 months - He seemed like a trusted friend.
Issue: 5 days ago he asked to lend my tbow as he kept failing at Inferno, I wanted to help him as a friend so I lent my tbow to him. He has been ghosting me for the last 5 days. I have had to track him down via mutual friends in his clan chat. He only responded to my messaged when I messaged his clan leader. He admits to having leant my tbow multiple times (see evidence), but refuses to give it back as he 'needs' it.
After chatting to we do raids mod it is suspected that he lent my tbow which he then sold for cash and used in game cash to buy inferno (evidenced by 100 min inferno completion on first attempt with acb) and now does not have cash to pay me back. He has admitted to lending my tbow and refusing to give it back until he gets a drop via nightmare or tob, which he has been getting boss kc at the last few days. He is currently ghosting everyone; friends and clan chat, so have been unable to get any screenshots within osrs. However I have multiple screenshots via discord where he admits to having leant my tbow and he needs more time to give it back.
Original Rsn:
Twisted Bow

Evidence Quality:
Mofo Nation
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