Stealing Borrowed Items
I have been friends with a guy called Bis Go Brr for over 2 years now. We were originally in a PVM clan together but later moved on to other clans, I joined Clan Europe and he joined for a while but ended up leaving. I have played with him every day and we talk all the time on Discord. He is the person I speak to and play with the most out of my RS friends. He was one of the only people I trust on RS. Throughout the time we have played together we have lent each other items fairly often whilst we were both building our banks. We have carried out 250+ raids together as well as many other boss encounters.
On 28th January he was killing Nex with a Bofa and Crystal armour, I said to him I would lend him my Tbow and Armadyl as I wasn't using it. He did a few kills that night in my gear and returned it. We went Nex together later on and I was in my Tbow/Armadyl gear and he was in his Bofa/Crystal gear, client screenshot of this attached. On 29th he messaged me during the day asking if he could use my Tbow again, I asked if he also needed Arma and Pegs which he said he did and I jumped on mobile and met him at Nex world 505. As I was on mobile and I trusted him I didn't feel the need to take a screenshot. I logged out and we continued to talk on Discord. He ended up getting the pet which was a drop I know he didn't want so he sent me a screenie of him pretending to alch it. This was followed by a picture of him pretending to alch my Tbow, this image is the only proof I have of my items on his account. We continued to talk for a bit after this. That night I logged onto my PC to see him offline on Discord which is unusual at that time of night. I logged on in game and saw that he had double name changed. He changed from Bis Go Brr > ScratchBallz > 2ShotUrDad. I tried to join his FC but I couldn't, I didn't have the rank, yet I was previously a gold star. I tried joining his alt account FC which he recently name changed from Bish Go Brr > FukCough and again I couldn't join the FC. I asked another close friend of mine that we played with a lot to try joining either of his accounts FC's, but he too had no luck and must have been put on his ignore list just like my account had. I knew at the time he was in a clan called World 514 - I jumped into their chat and asked if he had been online recently and they told me he had randomly just left and also added any of the members he had as friends to his ignore list.
I tried to message Bis Go Brrr on Discord but I got the Clyde message saying it was undelivered yet we had been talking fine a few hours before. This is when I realised he had scammed me and kept my items.
I joined the RuneWatch Discord and posted in the general asking a mod to speak to me regarding the evidence I had, Belinda got back to me and we spoke about the evidence.
Today a long time friend of Bis Go Brrr's (RSN: KLQT) saw that I had posted in RW Discord and added me on Discord. He messaged me saying did Bis scam you and that he knew Bis had my items. I wanted to play it down so I said I hadn't played the game for a few days or spoken to Bis. I didn't want them to think I was raising a case and Bis delete any Discord chat. KLQT asked me what my post in RW was regarding and I said it was relating to the clan I am in. He then instantly deleted all his messages and blocked me before I got a chance to screen shot, he then left the RW Discord server.
Not too long later a new user joined the Discord called ItsTheBis, I tried to add it but was already blocked. It stayed in the Discord for about an hour then left. I found this quite suspicious.
Original Rsn:
Twisted Bow
Armadyl Helmet
Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Chainskirt
Pegasian Boots

Evidence Quality:
Clan Europe
Date of Abuse:

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