Stealing Borrowed Items
November 18th I won 19b staking while in a discord chat with two of my friends. We’d been buddies for 2 years at this point, passed gear back and forth all the time. We’re in the same clan together for a long while. They both taught me Tob/Chambers. So I felt comfortable with them & knowing that if I passed my friends; Jimmyyogreen & Jason2410. A twisted bow and scythe, each as a lend I could ask for them back when I went broke. Because we all 3 know I have issues with the duel arena sometimes. I dm’d Jason2410 on discord 12/5/20 (saying I went broke), and pm’d him in game asking for the loan back. He turned off his pm’s that day, and I haven’t seen him online since. He then told Jimmy that he was having login issues. (Wouldn’t answer me though on disc) December 22nd, I messaged him saying I though he could login now. He told me he still wasn’t able to login. Then he started ghosting me on discord completely. Which made me skeptical so I decided to check crystalmathlabs to see if he was gaining xp. He was, with no real stop between December and today. He told Jimmy, 3/11/21 that he literally just got his account back ‘this week’ only after we had to track him like you would for a pvp hcim. Jimmyyogreen has been trying to help me get the gear back. We’ve ran out of options now though. I’ve tried telling him if he returned the items, I wouldn’t make this report. But he’s refused. Removed me from his friends list, added rank to join his cc, and deleted me from discord.
Its Joel
Original Rsn:
Twisted Bow
Scythe Of Vitur (uncharged)

Evidence Quality:
Its Joel
Its Joel
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