J ok e
Stealing Borrowed Items
I lent my ely to a long time friend of mine without collat. He wanted to swap that for my Shadow and I had a feeling something was off so we hoped into voice chat and traded him my Shadow for my Ely back. He deleted and blocked me on discord due to "deleted the pending friend request that was sitting there" which is a flat out lie. I reached out to his clan staff and our mutual friends which have attempted to get my staff back but my "friend" has been ghosting them. I have multiple people who can confirm this story as well. As per the discord message pictures and what he is saying in them, there is no reason why he has no given me my staff back. "What benefit would i honestly have actually returning it?" is a direct message he sent me. At the time of this post, his Main account is "Deportation" with his alt (The account that traded me) is "J ok e". Again, I have 3-4 people including his clan admin tracking this and they continue to ask if he has returned my item.
The Wheaty
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J ok e
Tumeken's Shadow (uncharged)

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Pro TaTo PvM
The Wheaty
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