Not Splitting
Was raiding with "gettolintu" (previously known as "soz lagas" he invited his friends "bubba chuck" and "somalinuoli" and after few raids we got a dex scroll. after that i got kicked out of CC and ignored by all 3 of them.

saw gettolintu and bubba chuck at raids entrance after they had kicked me and asked them are they going to split or not and they claim "it wasnt a wdr raid" "it was ffa" "stop crying" "he goes and cries to wdr bots" -> also "olen altti" was bubba chucks alt.

for context. I had first met gettolintu at wdr and had him added for few months now and we have raided alot he asked me if i wanted to raid and he had 3rd person to come raid with us that he found from wdr. that guy left after 2 raids then gettolintu got his 2 friends "bubba chuck" and "somalinuoli" to join then we proceeded to get a dex scroll and after he got it he kicked me out of the cc and removed me from his friends list.

Translation of Evidence:

"what the fuck, will u split or not?, it wasnt even wdr raid, hell no, it was ffa, split to others, :D, fuck 4 man dex scam omg lol, we didnt get split either, it was ffa, and u take bans for all of us now?, stop crying, hell no it wasnt ffa, go cry to wdr mods,
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Dexterous Prayer Scroll

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Date of Abuse:
4 years ago

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