its Tw1st3d
Stealing Borrowed Items
its Tw1st3d cleaned himself and asked me for a loan of a Twisted buckler and full Armadyl to rebuild at Nex. I offered to loan him my Zaryte crossbow. I had trusted him in the past with items, so I didn't think he would run off with my items. I also loaned him a Spectral spirit shield, but I loaned that to him on mobile which I did not get a screenshot of. I understand that this might not be able to be added to the case, but he acknowledges he has my spectral in messages with Jagged.
I asked for the zaryte crossbow back about 10-11 hours after I gave it to him. He acted like he would give it back, but he kept coming up with excuses as to why he couldn't log in, kept dodging having to give back the items, so I told my clan leader, Jagged, what was going on. Jagged told him to give my items back, he admitted to what he had that belonged to me, but kept providing excuses as to why he couldn't give it back. After a little while, he stopped responding to both of us, deleted me in game, left the clan we are in (Valkyrie), double name changed to "dr wh00" and placed his original name "its Tw1st3d" on an alt. He has since changed his name back to "its Tw1st3d".
Original Rsn:
dr wh00
Zaryte Crossbow
Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Chainskirt
Twisted Buckler

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