Andy Ops
Stealing Borrowed Items
The story as told by jxdoo: ( Accused using his gear. Ive known smorc ops over 3 years, pretty much daily bases long sessions of pvm. Considered him as best friend online. He has always been nice friend until this happened. I play myself pretty much only ironman nowadays and we have been grinding duo raids together. Past months Ive loaned him multiple times max gear to duo challenge raid, sometimes ive streamed these on twitch.

30.11.18 we were supose to go do few cm raids, he went to smoke and never came back. next day i notice CML stats updated for seaweed run and went to his homeworld on main private off and saw him there. After that I made our mutual friend pm his gf on discord and she told they are raiding first but after that said they are playing xbox, 10minutes after this he comes online on facebook telling me that he is in hospital and in bad shape, making a story that i knew was a lie. At this point i thought he wanted to have a weekend with his gf using max gear and coming back on monday, he never came back. I have alot of screenshot from discord and facebook & gf and mutual friend chats in discord. He deleted me ingame, im unable to join his cc, but he hasnt deleted me in discord or facebook. he just ignores everything. His gf told us he told first that i gave him the items because i play ironman only, she tried to make him give my items back but they started fighting (if we can believe this) but im sure that he rwted it.
    Case Evidence Has Been Archived.
Original Rsn:
Ghrazi Rapier
Dragon Claws
Sanguinesti Staff (uncharged)
Elder Maul
Ancestral Robe Top
Ancestral Robe Bottom
Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Chainskirt
Bandos Chestplate
Bandos Tassets
Dragon Warhammer
Arcane Spirit Shield
Twisted Bow
Scythe Of Vitur (uncharged)

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