Stealing Borrowed Items
Hello as first sorry for my english im not native speaker but i will try my best to explain situation. Im flasty leader of CSFO its clan for Czech and Slovak community which has now over 350 members. Player Ayzawa scammed our member Pan Dulezity for Tbow. They met IRL in 11/2021 so he trusted him. He loan him Tbow in 15.1.2022 and in 17.1.2022 when Pan Dulezity asked for his Tbow back. Ayzawa just send him picture with locked account for unpaid balance on his account (it means that he bought bond with credit card and charge back the payment). He starts acts like he was being hacked and he have nothing. So they agreed that he will pay him soon. (not any specific date) But everybody expected like days. Its been 5-6 months and Ayzawa still didnt refund him. Hes been acting like "WTF i cant believe u want your TBOW back" "how can dare you". Pan Dulezity start presuring him after 6 months that he really want his Tbow back. Ayzawa literally said he dont care and not gonna give him anything bcs he presuring him. So thats all. I hope u gonna understand what im trying to say. If you need some more info just contant me via discord i will try my best: flastyBiceps#0102.
Pan Dulezity
Evidence 059d456 for a case against Ayzawa
Evidence f6b7768 for a case against Ayzawa
Evidence 5eb153b for a case against Ayzawa
Evidence a6d5887 for a case against Ayzawa
Evidence c4c7d68 for a case against Ayzawa
Evidence b785343 for a case against Ayzawa
Evidence 8d2eb4c for a case against Ayzawa
Evidence afcb987 for a case against Ayzawa
Original Rsn:
Twisted Bow

Evidence Quality:
CSFO - Czech and Slovakia Forces
Date of Abuse:
1 year ago

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