Stealing Borrowed Items
NOTE: This is a second offence, this player has a permanent listing but has repaid all listed cases.

Back in 2018, I was a member of a small clan called 'Team Royal'. After doing PvM together for a while and gaining mutual trust, Kermit I (now known as 'Elice') asked me to borrow my armadyl crossbow (worth 35m at the time) to slay Galvek during the Dragon Slayer 2 quest. Minutes after giving my bow, I was removed in-game and on discord and kicked out of the clan The Acb has never been returned to date.

I tried to get him on RS Justice at the time. RSJ Veq handled my case at the time and found him guilty of the scam. Somehow, however, the case was never published (maybe because Veq quit or because of the RuneWatch acquisition? Idk).

I have the complete discord conversation with Veq that I can share on request.

Why do I still send this report 2 years later?
The case was completed but not published. Because 35m was only a small part of my bank, I didn't care too much. A year later I met Elice again and we did some raids together. I thought it would be less of an effort to just move on and leave the past behind.

But today (June 22) I ran into him in the ToB bank and he started cursing and came up with lies about me amid many raiders we know together. He tries to make people believe that I scammed a scythe and makes up everything to make me black.

I do not accept this and want him to be listed on RuneWatch (again) for the 35m that he stole from me.

After he became aware of me reporting him to RSJ, he started photoshopping screenshots, including faking that he returned the bow, and other lies. RSJ Veq had to go to great lengths to uncover the truth and ultimately concluded that all he presented were lies. I would therefore strongly advise you to question RSJ veq about this or let me send the conversation with Veq via Discord.

Annotations to the submitted evidence:
gGt8uco.gif - Trading him my acb
EPKhlOV.png - The other clan leader confirmed the scam in a private discord conversation.

Translation from Dutch: Kermit said you could not be trusted because of scam or something
And that is why he has stolen your ACB as an Anti-Scam but that does not make sense because now he has actually scammed you
ioc9I6w.png - "Kermit I" has deleted me as friend on discord
ikP4tNO.png - Kicked from the clan chat
6XJeSbo.gif - Proof of me being deleted and kicked out of the cc. I was able to join the cc with my alt.
SuawmPr.gif - Me joining the cc with my alt. I am getting kicked by the scammer after confronting him. Video is self explaining.
Crj0pJG.png - More confessions
cy5YVeu.png - Me warning others about this clan leader and so called Kermit I
Quick find code: 320-321-654-66005889
oWjEulz.gif - Discord conversation with Kermit I/Elice
QFcZFqk.gif - Complete Discord chat history with both clan leaders (Kermit I and Arthuur) of Team Royal. Including their Discord user ID's.
Original Rsn:
Armadyl Crossbow

Evidence Quality:
Team Royal
Date of Abuse:

Alt Accounts

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