Tengil 500
Not Splitting
Joined a raid in WDR with the host and his friend (pukimies) advertise through the discord. i joined once the raid was completed i was kicked
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Ancestral Robe Top

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she said 'merry xmas' and gave me money. retardation of this website is unreal. - MorceGaming
rofl this scummy ***** I know her she is scum and she gave him that cash as a present I remember that shit, josh is not a scammer. that girl is literally **Inappropriate comment**! she even says she gave it to him as a Christmas present lol and there is no proof here that he said he would repay her for it! this post needs to come down! - mark
And you stated "I dont got money at the moment I will later though" and then proceeded to ask how much she gave you and only told her to kick rocks after the value was provided. You acknowledged the that there was money owed and kicked off when told how much.

This case will be removed once either the money has been returned or when you can submit evidence to prove your innocence. If neither is done then this case will remain as it is.

Nibss - Nibss
this is a false report by some desperate people. - gone bossing
as someone who's dealt with Gone Bossing before, I can attest, he's a genuine toxic shitter. Met my block list real fast, guess that was a smart choice. - not achance
This report is a valid and accurate report dating back to May 2017. Gone Bossing can clear his name by returning what was stolen to the victim via Runewatch.

This debt currently adds up to less than 11K GP per day from the day you stole it. - Fail Be Dont