Trade Deception Scam
Writing this on behalf of a good natured and trusting clan member of mine from Unknown Fear.

Drj2 joined the clan around the same time period as Haydn C (Now KingBlueBolt) and they both got along very well. Worth noting we track splits within' the clan and Haydn had a sum total split of 259M. They bossed together a lot, PK'd big money together, split together, lent items back and fourth. Seems one evening Haydn C (KingBlueBolt) expressed he was still roughly 600M away from owning his own Twisted Bow and knew how wealthy Drj2 was in-game, he asked to borrow the 600M cash and promised to either repay the cash or make the cash back using the Twisted Bow to PvM with.
One evening Haydn mentioned to myself and leadership of UF that he'd be away for the week in France. We thought nothing of this and thanked him for letting us know, however it seems this is not the case. He has said this to buy himself time as he has in fact deleted every clan member he had added, Drj2 included and ran with the 600M loan with no intention of repaying it. He has since double name changed to KingBlueBolt and made a further 4 discords to continue to use WDR's whilst we compiled our evidence against him. I have attached screenshots of the trade, him confessing to his guilt over discord to another member, and us unadded in his cc. Please let me know if you require anything else and I will attempt to gain that, the whole clan of Unknown Fear is aware of what has happened and can vouch for the situation. I have tried to reach out to Haydn but it seems even though caught in the act, he has no intention of paying back a penny to Drj2. He has also joined the RuneWatch discord server on an account to see if we have enough evidence against him.
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Unknown Fear
Gl Im Taylor
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