Not Splitting
Parting gift hosted a raid in WDR and under wdr it's all split with his friend da scrublord. RNG Me and rektcya joined the raid. They ended up getting tbow over rektcya name to which he logged and didn't split.
RNG Me, Parting gift, Da scrublord
Case Evidence Has Been Archived.
Original Rsn:
Your Battery
Twisted Bow

Evidence Quality:
We Do Raids Discord
Date of Abuse:
4 years ago

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Both of those accounts are his. He did this to prove a message that you'll put anyone on here without any proof. Hes done that, remove now. - lachlan hedley
Lachlan is correct, this conversation that's posted clearly depicts one person talking to themself, also, I have proof that the messages from Lazy Brain in these photos are not the same as the Lazy Brain in our clan.. also have proof (screenshots of in-game PMs) that Jellefish only did this to cause drama, also there are no images of the trade screens, and the real Lazy Brain has nothing to do with this - and did not submit this report. Jellefish never scammed anyone - unfortunately he's just a poor guy who had a breakdown of some sort. - aaie_xyz
This is a fake case, I messaged Will OSRS on discord with the evidence, I'm not sure why its not been taken down.

The only edits on those screenshots are removing my name - I'd be more than happy to show an admin the unedited screenshots, and I'd be more than happy to show an admin the unaltered ones. - N/A