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Yesterday evening we went to 'The Nightmare' with a premade group of 5 people. After a couple of kills a player from our group named 'Eatu' got an Inquisitor's plate skirt drop. As happy as we all were, we went to the ge. We thought that we made millions each.. At this point, things weren't so shady, yet. At first he really made the impression that he was really going to split the drop, like we all had expected. So first thing he did was putting an offer in the ge to sell it from 2b, each time it didn't sell, he went 100m down. Eventually he was down to 1b (his words) and it still hadn't sold. So after that we tried using the forums and twitch chats to find potential buyers, we found a couple, but every time we found a buyer, only Eatu didn't agree with the offer. For instance, the first buyer we found wanted to buy it for 1.3b, everyone was okay with that except for Eatu, he kept trying to push to sell it for 1.5b. The second buyer wanted to buy it with 1.350b, but he came with a lame excuse that he knew the guy and that he had insulted him and his friends in the past. It kept going on like this for at least 3 hours, after that we were all okay with any offer he could sell it for, but of course Eatu didn't. After that 3 hour mark, he only replied once every 10-15 minutes, and nothing regarding selling the plateskirt. At this point, it really became shady and literally all of us knew he wasn't going to split it anymore. Suddenly he came with a lame excuse that his mother crashed with her car and that someone called him out of nowhere with the information about the crash. From this point on, he didn't reply to anyone anymore. What he did do was suddenly trading a other account called something like 'realbeanfr' which is probably his alt, because he traded the skirt over to that acc for fun 2 hours earlier. The moment he came with the crash it was around 23:30 my time, so I had to go to bed. I messaged him if he could send me a picture of the ge offer on disc, but he never replied since. Sorry for the big story, but hopefully this will get him.

We where doing the new Nightmare boss all day and agreed on splitting any unique items we'd get as a team. We ended up getting an Inquisitor's plateskirt drop and were really excited about it. the person that got it in his name was "Eatu", Eatu proceeded to stall 3 hours with the selling and then straight up scamming us for it he ended up contacting me on discord talking about it and showing that he sold it for 1,4b and that he wasn't planning on splitting it with us.
oke, wasbeer, vaisu
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Inquisitor's Plateskirt

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